Kim Kardashian Wears Poorly Fitting Panties

Kim Kardashian Wears Poorly Fitting Panties

Poor Kim Kardashian I am starting to think she may be suffering from severe mental retardation. I mean look at the picture above of Kim in those ill-fitting panties. How could she possibly think that those panties are the right size when they barely cover her huge bulbous ass?

Obviously Kim Kardashian does not have the mental capacity to care for herself. From her slutty outfits to banging black guys, Kim Kardashian’s decision making has been horrendous.

The Kardashians should seriously consider institutionalizing Kim, or she will continue running around with her ass hanging out, slobbering all over black guys knobs, and bring much shame and dishonor to their clan.

Let this picture of Kim Kardashian’s ass be the last one we see before she is shipped off to a home with her fellow mongoloids.

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