Natalie Portman Covered In Piss

Natalie Portman Covered In Piss

When I first saw this picture of Natalie Portman completely covered in piss I was excited and extremely aroused. But then I noticed that she was smiling and that this had something to do with PETA, and I immediately became disgusted and angry!

How dare PETA play with the fantasies of Islamic men like this! All good Muslims desire nothing more than to see the infidel celebrities covered in various human waste products.

PETA contacted the dirty Zionist whore Natalie Portman and offered to cover her in piss for free. Of course a degenerate Jew like Portman jumped at the opportunity. As you can see in the picture the little freak is enjoying being soaked in urine, with a big smile on her face, and nipple sticking out.

Truly the American infidels are sick and incredibly disturbed. May Allah smite them soon! In a related story R Kelly has contacted PETA to see if he can be of any help in their next AD campaign.

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