Risk of Dealing with Casino Girls in The Bahamas

Do you plan on visiting the Bahamas? Then see why it’s not worth dealing with casino girls and why you should get Bahamas escorts instead.

To date, there are almost 300 gaming houses in the Bahamas, which makes these islands a paradise in more ways than one, especially for avid gamblers. The two notoriously popular gambling spots in the Bahamas are Atlantis and BAHAMAR. Tourists frequent those establishments more frequently, because they’re very popular resorts.

While you’re at the casinos at Atlantis and BAHAMAR, you might notice some casino girls hanging around. You might be tempted to spend some time with one or a few when frequenting the casinos in the Bahamas, but it’s not a good idea at all.

Read on to see why casino girls aren’t worth it and why you should go for Bahamas escorts instead.

Risk of Dealing with Casino Girls in The Bahamas

They’re Not Discreet

Casino girls are so desperate for clients that they walk around soliciting men, even if they’re with their girlfriends or wives. To make matters worse, they’re very loud and rude, and tend to fight over customers. These things will immediately draw attention to where you are.

If you’re looking for something quiet and tactful, then you probably won’t find it with casino girls.

They’re Not Classy Either

The fact that these girls are loud and aggressive already indicates that they’re not elegant. Plus, they’re constantly walking around the casino, looking for business. In addition, they deal with a large volume of clients for cheap rates, so they’re always going back and forth from the casino to private rooms.

This makes them appear low-class and trashy, as everyone knows what they’re up to.

Also, they don’t patronize the establishment by buying drinks. So they’re using the resorts as a base of operations without paying anything as a courtesy to them. Here you’ll see a security guard at the Atlantis Casino Escorting casino girls off of the premises:
Risk of Dealing with Casino Girls in The Bahamas

They Tend to Be Dishonest

Because the casino girls don’t have anyone to report to, besides their lazy pimps that bring them no value, they tend to steal from their clients. They know that many men will be a one-time thing, so there’s no incentive to keep a good relationship going.

In fact, they get a lot of pressure from their lazy pimps to go in and make money because they don’t have a strong base of clients. This further motivates them to steal. Just because she says she’s independent, doesn’t quite mean she got to the Bahamas on her own. Many lazy pimps in Colombia and Bahamas put high debts on the girls in return for buying them tickets and finding housing. They then give them a huge debt of about $8000 and let them run free in the Bahamas desperately looking for clients. So imagine, she’s desperate, no client base, high stress, she must also pay a high weekly fee to survive in the Bahamas and a Mr Rich invites her to his room without any sort of vetting process. In the room where he keeps his laptop, cash, credit cards and probably a nice Rolex. What do you think would happen? Yes, you guessed it, a quick grab and go after he passes out from too many drinks and “nose candy” will solve all her problems.

They Rarely Get Tested

In the Bahamas, the STD rate is 28,556.2 per 100,000 people. Regardless, it’s important to get regularly tested, as an STI can change your life permanently.

While being in the company of a sensual woman can be thrilling, it’s never worth it without proof that they have a clean bill of health. And unfortunately, many casino girls can’t prove they’ve recently been tested, which can make it risky to be with them.

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