Zendaya Caught On Video Daydreaming About Sex

Former Disney star Zendaya was caught on camera daydreaming about sex during a question and answer session with fans in the video above.

Of course it is not at all surprising to see Zendaya fantasizing about getting her slutty sin holes filled, for not only is she a degenerate woman (who are all immoral by nature), but she is also 1/8th primitive Sub-Saharan.

Yes with such base savage blood coursing through her veins Zendaya has no control over her lecherous urges. In fact, if Zendaya were not also exceedingly lazy (another trait of the mud people) she would no doubt have ripped off her pajama pants in this video and started vigorously finger blasting her cock cave while twerking her ass and applying for welfare. It is simply in her genes.

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